API for Noobies :)

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of rules, protocols, and tools that define how two different software applications can communicate with each other. In simple terms, an API is like a messenger that takes requests from one application and delivers them to another and then takes the response back to the requesting application.

Hmm, this didn't Ring a bell, did it?

Now imagine you are in a restaurant, sitting with your family and friends thinking about what to order. And then you look at the MENU kept there on your table with your mouth dripping you pick up the menu and then you start ordering your favorites from the list provided there to the waiter. In this case, the waiter acts as the API and the menu acts as the API catalog which has all the dishes available, allowing you to order a specific dish and the kitchen to prepare it and then the waiter serves it to you. BON APPETIT!

Similarly, an API is like a menu for your applications. You order what you want from the options and then the API prepares it and delivers it to you. It's somewhat like having a restaurant that serves data, so when your application gets hungry for data, it can just order it from the API.

APIs are the magic books for the applications we peasants need to make them fantabulous.
- BY someone intelligent.

Let's talk about Instagram!

Who doesn't like scrolling reels right?
Sometimes I spent hours on my phone just doing that and the APIs are the reason why they are so addictive. They help the creators to create , share and even monetize their content on the platform, and even see how there content is doing via likes , comments and views. It also helps the viewers to discover new reels according to their preferences and helps us to share them with our friends too.

Sounds powerful, isn't it?

You can use APIs to make your applications strong and charismatic as well. To gain this power of using API just head over to POSTMAN an awesome tool that helps you dive deep into the magic land of APIs.

Thanks :)